Informing, Planning & Maintaining

Initial Assessment

Our team reviews your current medical, physical, and emotional condition to determine which services are necessary and if financial benefits are available.  Exercising our sound professional judgement, we develop a comprehensive, eneds based situation appraisal.

Create A Plan

Develop and share with you, and family, a detailed care plan with specific recommendations for the most suitable setting for the delivery of services.  We guide families to the highest quality resources including coordination of home care services, and when necessary, placement into an assisted living or nursing home facility.  Arrange and facilitate family meetings to encourage open and honest communication and to promote a mutually beneficial outcome.  

Benefit Eligibility Assessment

Based on a detailed financial review, we determine eligibility for Medicaid, Veterans Administration benefits, and other sources of financial assistance.  With years of collective experience, our team is uniquely qualified to prepare the benefit application(s) and administer the process until final approval is obtained.  

Continuum of Care Management

Our sole purpose and mission is to "simplify the complicated"  nature of today's healthcare system and to serve as your most trusted advisor.  Whether through prudent planning, or crisis intervention, we are your liaison during hospitalizations, rehab, or times of need.  We perform ongoing monitoring and reassessment of your needs and aim to be your sounding board as issues arise.  Our clients have access to our highly skilled and ethical network of professionals.  This includes elder law attorneys, wealth managers, CPAs, insurance agents, and senior care community specialists.  
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